Jungkook from BTS unveils a surprising dance rendition of  ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ choreography by Jo Nain

BTS‘s Jungkook revealed a new and surprising dance-inspired cover of ‘Street Dancing Girls Fighter’ – Jo Nain choreography.

On February 4 the BTS’s Jungkook released an Instagram video of him singing in the tune of Teyana Taylor’s “Bare Wit Me” on Instagram. Jungkook has credited the choreography to ‘StreetDance Girls Fighter’ choreographer Jo Nain, drawing attention to Jo Nain’s skills once more.

Jungkook was previously a subject of attention after responding in Jo Nain’s question-and-answer on Instagram in which she requested suggestions from her followers for her YouTube channel’s name. Jo Nain later revealed during an interview Jungkook was her dancing inspiration, and she revealed her status as a devoted fan.


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