Jimin himself updates his fans via Weverse in addition to Jin hilariously replies

Jimin from BTS personally updated his fans through Weverse and Jin was the center of attention after hilariously replying to Jimin’s tweet.

On February 5, Jimin personally updated ARMYs on Weverse regarding his health condition after being discharged from hospital. In the past, Jimin tested positive for COVID-19 on the 30th of January about a day prior to when his admission at the hospital to undergo surgery to treat acute appendicitis on January 31st.

Jimin wrote:

“Thank you for your well wishes I’m recovering quickly! Nurses and doctors did their best and worked hard..I’m very sorry and grateful for having caused you concern. So, I will not get sick again! Our ARMYs, be sure to take care of your health better!”

Then the member Jin responded to Jin’s post, saying:

“Do you want to have an alcoholic drink?”

Requesting to mark his discharge of the hospital.

Jimin did not take kindly to Jin’s suggestion Jin was more sceptical, but Jin was once more enticed Jimin by saying:

“It’s time to clean your intestines by using alcohol.”

Jimin did not like him and told him: “Quiet”

Jin once more posted a humorous comment that reads: “T-rex”.

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