Jaejoong presents an extravagant 6 billion KRW home to his parents

Jaejoong gave a lavish home to his parents and it’s now a hot issue with his followers.

On February 2, Jaejoong appeared on a Japanese television show, revealing his home and parent’s house that he gifted to them.

The home of his parents was revealed that it is worth 6 billion KRW (about five million dollars) is located on the basement floor, and it is three stories above the surface. The house’s amenities comprise an elevator, sauna and much more.

He stated:

“I thought about my parents their well-being. I’m the youngest of our family, along with eight more siblings. It was my intention to give something thoughtful to my parents, who have worked hard to support their children over the last four decades.”

According to reports, his mother loves the sauna , which is why he designed his sauna located in the home. Also, he installed an elevator to make it easier for parents inside the building.

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