ITZY’s fan event is delayed as Lia is positive for COVID-19, Yeji and Yuna are also waiting for results

JYP Entertainment has released PCR test results for a few ITZY members. ITZY members.

In the past, it was reported that Lia had been positive for COVID-19 using an auto-testing kit. On the 13th of February KST, the agency announced that, following the test, Lia went to the hospital for a test once more, and the next morning she was informed that she was positive for COVID-19 via PCR too. The agency announced that Lia had already received two vaccinations and is currently receiving at-home treatment as per regulations of quarantine officials. Lia is experiencing only the slightest cough.

In the case of those ITZY members who were given PCR testing as a preventative step, Ryujin and Chaeryeong have both been negative, and Yeji as well as Yuna are waiting for results from a second test after their first tests were inconclusive. Due to ITZY’s present situation, their scheduled offline fan gathering, originally scheduled for February 19th, was moved back to February 19.

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