ITZY announces that they will not be hosting their third anniversary YouTube live broadcast following Lia is positive on an COVID-19 self-test

On February 12th, JYP Entertainment announced the suspension of ITZY‘s third anniversary YouTube live stream because of COVID-19 related reasons.

JYPE announced in a statement published on ITZY’s fan-community board.

“Hello here is JYP Entertainment.

We inform you about ITZY Lia’s health condition as well as the forthcoming 3rd anniversary live broadcast that is scheduled to air later in the day.

On February 12, in the course of the self-test test for self-prevention carried out before attending an scheduled, ITZY member Lia‘s test result came back positive. Following that, Lia visited the hospital for an PCR test. She is waiting for her results.

Lia is currently taking the second dosage of COVID-19 vaccination, and is currently being held in quarantine while having no abnormal symptoms. Based on the PCR test results, we’ll follow the instructions of healthcare professionals.

There are a few ITZY members were all negative in their self-test kit tests this day, however, they were subjected to preliminary PCR tests and are waiting to hear the results.

We advise that the group’s third anniversary live broadcast has been canceled.

We’ll keep you informed of Lia’s as well as the other members’ PCR results and ITZY’s upcoming schedules when we have more information.

We apologize deeply to the fans who waited to celebrate ITZY’s third anniversary with ITZY‘s members.

JYPE promises to work hard towards the recovery and treatment of our performers, with a focus on their health to ensure that they are able to meet fans with a healthy and sound body in the near future.

Thank you for your support.”

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