It has been 8 yrs since BTS’s SUGA first official debut as a producer, and on 13 February, one of his tracks will be played during the Super Bowl

BTS‘s SUGA debut as producer on February 12th in 2014. The day after, BTS released their third mini-album Skool Luv Affair, and it contains Tomorrow and Jump which were both made by SUGA.

“Tomorrow” is one of the songs SUGA composed while as an apprentice. “Jump” is a track that SUGA as well as RM who were trainees in the same time, created with each other in 2010 and then rearranged into a seven-member version BTS and, with it, SUGA showed his beat-making capability.

All over the world, fans have celebrated 8 years since the SUGA’s debut as a producer with the hashtag #8YearsWithMinPD as well as ‘THANK PROD SUGA on Twitter. Korean media covered the event.

SUGA is a record collector and also awards as producer.

“Eight” from IU feat. and created by SUGA himself was a hit in the charts on day of its release.

His most recent release”Stay alive,” performed by JungKook has topped in the Spotify Global chart, now being the most streamed song by any Korean soloist on their debut day. Three songs made by SUGA are at the top. The other two are Eight, and Daechwita. Rose and her first solo single, On The Ground and Gone and SUGA as a featured in Juice the song by WLRD ‘Girl of My Dreams’ was the final song to complete the list.

The producer SUGA has not only records , but also awards. Three of his tracks won awards at the MelOn Music Awards. The Wine song performed by SURAN feat. Changmo (2017) We don’t talk together by Heize with. Giriboy (2019) as well as Eight.

It’s no wonder that artists and even labels are thrilled when a track made by the artist is released.

On November 20, 2021 the number of streams of his music as a music producer exceeded the 1 billion amount on Spotify.

If all this was not enough Over The Horizon, the track from SUGA transformed for Samsung will be played in a commercial which will be played at the Super Bowl, the biggest annual sporting event in the USA featuring the most expensive commercials. 30 seconds of commercials in the Super Bowl costs $6.5 Million.

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