IST Entertainment reveals all 13 contestants of the the new world boy-group survival project ‘The Origin – A,B or What?’

IST Entertainment‘s brand-new boys group project , ‘The Origin – A B or What?’ will be available to all K-Pop fans on Friday, February 26!

The show is scheduled to air simultaneously on MBN, Kakao TV, and 1theK starting on Friday, February 26 at 5pm KST. The program will be aiming to meet those who are part of the IST Entertainment’s newest rookie boy groupthat will follow the path of sunbae singers such as A Pink, VICTON, The Boyz, and Weeekly.

In advance of the premier of ‘The Origin – A, B or What?’ in the coming months viewers will get to know the 13 contestants ahead of time through the individual profiles of each contestant! Make sure to keep on your watch for more informational content about contestants on “The Origin – A, B or What?’ to be released in the near future, before the show’s debut.

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