Internet users and fans alike congratulate Pentagon on their first ever music show victory

This week’s episode of the cult KBS Music Bank program IVE as well as Pentagon were featured as the top two nominees. But, Pentagon took home the award with their latest single, “Feelin’ Like.”

This day, Pentagon and their supporters. UNIVERSE was ecstatic because they were the first group to victory on a major, public broadcast program. They were able win their first ever music show trophy after just four years since they made their debut on MTV’s ‘The Show’ which is a cable show. So, the award they took home on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ proved more important than ever because they won their very first victory on a public show of any kind within 1,943 days of their debut, which is more than five years after their debut.

Fans were thrilled to see their favourite boy group could finally win at the top of one of the largest program for public entertainment.

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