Hyoyeon removes comments from her Instagram following Chinese internet users overflow her Instagram with hateful messages

Hyoyeon removed comments from her Instagram following Chinese online users bombarded her Instagram with hateful messages for posting a photo of her wearing Hanbok which is a Korean traditional clothing.

Prior to that, on February 8th, Hyoyeon showcased a stunning sheer black hanbok dress she posted on her Instagram with the caption that read:

The traditional hanbok of our country is simply stunning.

Hyoyeon was also featured on #KoreaContentsWeek. an ongoing event organized by the Korean Culture and Information Service in order to encourage and engage with Korean artifacts of the Korean culture.

After the post was updated However, furious Chinese internet users sprayed her Instagram with hateful comments, including Chinese swear words, puking emojis, etc.

Hyoyeon ended up removing remarks on Instagram in general.

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