HYBE Labels do not approve that the president-elect meeting of the transition committee is intended to discuss BTS’s exemption from military service

HYBE Labels has taken the initiative to clarify the media’s earlier reports that claimed that the new president’s transition team would be visiting the firm’s headquarters located in Seoul to discuss the issue of military exemptions for BTS.

Based on HYBE Labels, it’s confirmed that the president-elect Yoon Seok Yeol‘s transition team have expressed interest in visiting the business. However, the exact date for the visit hasn’t been determined.

Additionally it appears that both HYBE Labels as well as representatives from the transition team have taken the initiative to say that the main agenda for the meeting will be centered on BTS‘s exemption from military. The transition committee for the president-elect is expected to meet with HYBE Labels executives to discuss the establishment of an area of culture in the South Korean Blue House, centered around K-Pop. They will also discuss concerns related to the bolstering and development of Korea’s culture content importance.

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