Hwang Ha Na’s prison sentence increased

Hwang Ha Na has been earlier sent to trial for her drug usage during her probationary period. Hwang Ha Na appealed against the first decision however it was decided that the Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal.

Her sentence of one year and eight months in prison as well as the fine of 500,000 Korean won (417 USD) was previously confirmed in the appeals verdict. The court, however, Hwang Ha Na decided to appeal against the second verdict through the Supreme Court. Because Hwang Ha Na had already been sentenced to a year’s prison term with a two-year protracted probation period for the same crime in the year 2019. She is now facing a sentence of 2 years eight months of prison time, which includes the previous crimes she did during her probation.

In August of 2020 Hwang Ha Na was found to be injecting methamphetamine 5 times. She was injecting methamphetamine along alongside her deceased husband Mr. Oh, and her acquaintances Nam and Kim during her probationary period. On the 29th of November the same year she was accused of taking 5 million Korean won (4,170 dollars) worth of belongings from her Kim’s home.

Hwang Ha Na has been detained in January of last year. She was sentenced to two years prison at the time of the trial. The judge decided she wanted to challenge her first sentence , and was given a reduced sentences of 1 year and 8 months at hearings on appeal. However, she was unhappy with the decision which led her to file an appeal it to the Supreme Court. Following the Supreme Court’s most recent decision, she will have to spend two years and eight months of prison.

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