Heechul states that he does not have plans to get married

Heechul affirms that he has no plans to wed.

After purchasing the 5 billion-dollar residence in a luxury location in the city of his birth, the Super Junior member is facing marriage rumors again. The co-host of the show Kim Min Ah expressed:

“I’ve heard that you’re getting married in the next year. There were lots of stories.”

Heechul stated:

“Me? I’ve never seen such a thing in my life yet.”

And Kim Min Ah continued:

“You’ve moved, haven’t you?”

He responded:

“I haven’t yet moved.”

After Kim Min Ah joked about the possibility of a newlyweds’ house, Heechul explained:

“I have no plans to tie the knot.”

In addition, Heechul previously said he’d be married by the start of the year next year.

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