Han So Hee informs us regarding what she is doing throughout the Lunar New Year Holiday

On one February, the actress shared a few photos with the title “The beginning of 2022” on Instagram, displaying the foods she ate, obtaining a tattoo and additionally publishing selfies.

Supporters as well as Internet users have been pleased to discover Han So Hee becoming successful in after looking at their pictures. Many other online users praised Han So Hee’s attractiveness, despite the fact that she did not put on makeup in a single of her blog posts.

“Hee eats the identical rice and also chicken.”,  “I actually love the spirits of her photos”, “Han So Hee is really gorgeous”, “I would like to find out much more of her selfies.”

Han So Hee is at the same time taking part in in the drama “Soundtrack #1”, and that is awaiting its release. Soundtrack #1 is a drama concerning a love story between 2 friends that are very close buddies for nearly twenty years. The 2 stay within the same home for 2 days and can verify each other’s feelings towards one another. Han So Hee plays Lee Eun Soo, and Park Hyung Sik plays Han Seon Woo within the coming drama.

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