Girl’s Generation’s YoonA shares her birthday vlog

YoonA recently updated her YouTube page with a new video blog in which she highlighted her ever-present allure.

YoonA has just lately shared with her audience via a video what she did to celebrate her birthday. Yoona traveled around to look at the neon signs that supporters had prepared for her at the subway stations in the video that was titled “What I did for my B’day” and was uploaded on this day.

YoonA shared with her audience that she was making the Vlog for them since she knows how much they like seeing videos of this kind. She also used the opportunity to celebrate her birthday and attend the party that her devoted followers had organized for her.

She added that whenever she got the opportunity, she would travel to various fan gatherings that had been organized for her in advance. She added that she wanted to go to all of them so that all of her followers would be pleased, and she wanted to make sure that not a single person would be upset that she wasn’t able to attend their event. As a result, YoonA said that she has been going to see them covertly whenever she finds herself with free time.

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