Girls Generation’s YoonA offers support to her elders, actors Hwang Jung Min, as well as actor Jang Young Nam, by attending their plays

Girls’ Generation member YoonA shared her love for her elders.

On February 2nd, YoonA posted two images via her Instagram and shared that she had been to two of her senior students actress Hwang Jung Min as well as actress Jang Young Nam. YoonA posted the pictures with the captions “No one can beat the charisma of my seniors,” and then revealed she attended a performance of “Richard III..’

In the pictures, YoonA is seen taking selfies with the poster of the show as well as having a photo taken together with Hwang Jung Min, and Jang Young Nam. Both actors are performing in the play “Richard III,” and YoonA has visited to watch the play and show her the actors her support.

Additionally, YoonA had filmed the film ‘Gongjo’ alongside Jang Young Nam back in 2017. She also filmed the drama ‘Hush’ alongside Hwang Jung Min earlier in 2020.

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