GFriend’s leader Sowon claims that the GFriend members weren’t aware that they were disbanding

A fan on April 7 shared an excerpt from the interview. user posted an excerpt of the interview GFriend‘s ex-leader Sowon.

The interviewer Sowon revealed that GFriend GFriend members didn’t anticipate to dissolve. She also said that it was more difficult for GFriend members to separate from GFriend since none of them had any idea that they were disbanding.

Sowon has shared:

“We, the members, believe that the group wasn’t separated. It is however real that it was difficult for us to accept this within our hearts as it came so suddenly. I had thought that I wanted to be an actress and act , but I hadn’t anticipated the time would come. It was really difficult to let go, but we’ll live to see the next day and I don’t want to be just a slave. It took a long time for me to accept the reality. In the past, nearly a year has passed and all members are doing to the changes. I’m probably the one who is adjusting the most.”

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