G-Dragon opens the door for Korean stars to promote their brand in China

China has been among the most significant potential targets for the Korean industry for a long time because of the large payouts it pays to famous people.

G-Dragon was the ambassador of China’s most renowned brands Beijing Hyundai Motors Kappa, Vidal Sassoon, Hi Panda, Chow Tai Fook, Tencent and Cheetah Mobile in the past. In particular the news that he was paid $2.5 million for appearing for only two minutes at the Hyundai Event was an issue in Korea.

In September of 2016, because of the tensions between China and between China and Korea, China banned all activities of Korean stars, including performances, events, promotions and even advertisements. However, only a couple of months after G-Dragon’s removed of the army, G-Dragon was Chinese’s face for the renowned brand of beverages Chapai in 2022 in spite of his THAAD ban. The ads were displayed on Billboards as well as large buildings across the nation.

The following paragraphs were included inside JTBC News‘ report:

“A resident from China expressed their satisfaction with the recent decision to ease tensions with Korea and Korea was a good thing, saying:

‘A few years ago it was hard to find a billboard with an Korean star on the streets however, nowadays, they are visible on billboards and on buildings.’

Following the THAAD ban in 2016, it been difficult for Korean celebrities to perform in China. Bigbang’s G-Dragon has opened the doors. G-Dragon is now the ambassador of the famous Chinese drinks brand Chapai. G-Dragon was selected as the brand’s ambassador in 2020 and is still the ambassador , and is featured on Chapai drinks to this day.

Jun Ji Hyun and IU are also the face of the well-known internet-based Hallyu fashion sales site HanDuiseo. The picture of the pair is featured on the website’s homepage in tandem, and advertisements for newspapers and TV are in the process of being developed. Recently, it was reported that a photo of IU who is the worldwide ambassador for New Balance, is at the New Balance store. On the 28th of the last month ELLE China included a photo of Jun Ji-hyun with Song Hye Kyo in an article on their website, stating that the chin-length hairstyle is extremely popular. The drama “Now We’re Breaking Up” Up with Song Hye Kyo has been licensed to China.”

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