fromis9’s Saerom in the news for her remark that she was unaware that the V Live of the group began

A statement made by fromis_9‘s leader Saerom who made the comment at the beginning of V Live broadcast, has drawn criticism from people on the internet.

Then on February 11, members fromis_9 Jiheon, Nakyung, Saerom, Hayoung, and Jisun welcomed viewers with a casual ‘V Live’ live broadcast.

However, the show went live for only a couple of seconds before the viewers realized cameras had started rolling.

As Jisun was having a laugh Saerom commented on the laughter:

“I’m just so tired of this. I want to hurry up and get home right now.”

But, a few the other participants immediately discovered that the broadcast had started and commented:


Hayoung then leaned over Saerom to inform her they were alive after which a few peaceful moments passed by before Saerom was able to count:

“Two, three”

To ensure that all the members could be present to greet fans.


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