fromis9’s Lee Sae Rom say that her speech at the start of V Live stream was not about her fans

fromis9‘s Lee Sae Rom explained her statement at the start in V Live. Lee Sae Rom explained that her comment at the beginning of V Live stream was not targeted at her fans.

On February 12, fromis-9 hosted the live stream on V Live streaming for its followers. In the beginning of the stream, the group’s founder Lee Sae Rom was seen declaring :

“I’m just so tired of it. I’m eager to get to my home.”

Then, the group of members received their fans’ greetings, the group.

The clip became all over Twitter and other social media platforms, and netizens were dissident over her remarks. Lee Sae Rom soon stepped into the spotlight to clarify her remarks and said it wasn’t about her followers.

She wrote on Weverse:

“Hello, this is fromis9 Saerom. I’m writing to discuss the comments made at the beginning of the show yesterday. V Live. I was having a catch-up with the other members after having been trapped in the self-quarantine. I was discussing my feelings of being alone initially, but then I became tired of it and I was unable to leave the house for any reason.

Furthermore, even though the self-quarantine lasts seven days, I am unable to go home until Seoyeon’s test is negative since she’s my housemate. Also, I’m worried about Seoyeon which is why I’m eager to go home. I’m convinced that my words may have been misinterpreted since the complete context was not available.

I wanted to showcase my best self since we’ve not seen each other for several months I’m sorry that I shocked you by my incompetence. I’m committing to coming often, while remaining prudent and mature.”

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