Epik High dropped out the impressive line-up of their featured artists for their forthcoming album “Epik High Is Here 下”

Epik High is back again with a brand new album as well as an amazing lineup of featured artists for their forthcoming album , ‘Epik High is Here 下.’

A couple of days ago Epik High’s Tablo revealed the artists that have been featured on the album. Tablo posted on his Facebook page that read:

“You won’t be able to guess who the featured artists are.”

In addition to the tracklist, there is the names of the artists.

On February 8, at midnight GMT the hip-hop group released images of of the featured artists on the album. The incredible artists are Younha, Colde, GIRIBOY, JUSTHIS, and Sik-K. In this teaser image there are two other artists who aren’t revealed yet.

Epik High’s “Epik is Here 下 “‘ release date is February 14th at 6 pm KST.


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