Entrants for 2022’s Korean Music Awards

The 2022 Korea Music Awards hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is announcing the list of entrants for this year’s ceremony.

The ceremony will be held this year beginning on the 1st of March at 6pm KST. It will also be streamed live on YouTube. The nominees were selected by a committee composed of industry experts in music comprising KCCA members to well-known music critics as well as representatives from various entertainment fields.

The nominees are here for the main categories:

The Rookie Artist Award for the year




Lee Mu Jin


The Artist of the Year

Kim Hyun Chul

The Volunteers



Lang Lee

The Song of the Year

aespa, “Next Level”

AKMU, “Nakka” with IU

BTS, “Butter”

Lang Lee, “There Is A Wolf”

Lee Mu Jin, “Traffic Light”

Record of the Year

AKMU, ‘Next Episode’

Kim Hyun Chul, “City Breeze and Love Song’

IU, ‘Lilac’

Lang Lee, ‘There Is A Wolf’

Chun Yong Sung, ‘Drowned’


Here are the categories that are nominated for specific genres:

Best K-Pop Track

aespa, “Next Level”


BTS, “Butter”

Weeekly, “After School”

TOMORROW and TOGETHER “0X1=LOVESONG (I KNOW that I love You)” Feat. Seori

Best K-Pop Album

aespa, ‘Savage’

CL, ‘Alpha’

SHINee, ‘Atlantis’

BoA, ‘Better’

Kim Chung Ha, ‘Querencia’

Best Pop song of all time

AKMU, “Nakka” With IU

IU, “Lilac”

Wendy, “When This Rain Doesn’t Stop”

Lee Mu Jin, “Traffic Light”

Lee Seung Hwan & Sunwoo Junga, “How Could You”

Best Pop Album

AKMU, “Next Episode’

Kim Hyun Chul, “City Breeze and Love Song’

IU, ‘Lilac’

eAeon, ‘Fragile’

Jung Cha Sik, ‘Night Driving’

Other genre categories are the following categories: Best Electronic Song/Album, Best Hip-Hop/Rap Song/Album Song/Album Best Folk Song/Album etc.

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