ENHYPEN’s Sunoo’s tests resulted as positive for COVID-19

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo has been confirmed positive for COVID-19 in accordance with an announcement issued by BeLift Lab on February 11.

In an earlier Weverse release on January 11, BeLift Lab announced:

“Hello here will be BeLift Lab.

We’d like to inform you of changes to ENHYPEN Sunoo‘s schedules for member Sunoo in light of the positive results of his test for COVID-19.

On February 9, Sunnoo experienced symptoms of fever and cold and was admitted to the hospital which instructed him to take an PCR test. The test was completed on the 10th of February on Thursday Sunnoo’s results from the test have been positive.

Presently, Sunoo has completed his second dose of COVID-19. Sunoo isn’t experiencing any health issues of a major nature, save for minor symptoms such as coughing and sore throat. He’s being treated by health officials.

All other ENHYPEN members have checked out as negative for COVID-19 both in the self-test kit tests they conducted on February 9 and the PCR tests they conducted in February 10. The remaining ENHYPEN members aren’t having any symptoms of any kind and have started to be monitored for signs of possible illness.

In the end, ENHYPEN members Sunoo and Jungwon are not joining the EBS radio show “Listen” starting on February 13, as initially was planned. Instead, they will be joining the radio show as DJs on February 20, following the completion of the quarantine.”

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