ENHYPEN’s Sunoo completely recovered from COVID-19

On the 16th of February, BeLift Lab confirmed in an official statement that ENHYPEN member Sunoo has completely recovered from COVID-19.

In the beginning of this month Sunoo came back positive to COVID-19. He was put in quarantine to receive treatment at home. He was exhibiting some minor signs. All remaining ENHYPEN participants were put in quarantine following the classification as having been in intimate contact with Sunoo.

As of today, according BeLift Lab: BeLift Lab:

“ENHYPEN member Sunoo was released from quarantine following the announcement that COVID-19 was free at 12:01 AM KST on the 15th of February. After receiving the results of his COVID-19 test positive, Sunoo received treatment at home , despite being quarantined, and did not show no abnormal symptoms, besides symptoms of a mild cold. On February 16 Sunoo is expected to resume normal routines.”

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