ENHYPEN’s “Polaroid Love” continues to smash records and set new heights on the charts

ENHYPEN‘s “Polaroid Love” continues to attract attention from both non-fans and fans!

From ‘out of charts and ‘out of the charts’ to hitting new heights every day, both fans and non-fans have been enthralled with the way ‘Polaroid Love can sound, and is now getting a lot of attention on online platforms. “Polaroid Love” is a B-side from the band’s newest album “DIMENSION: ANSWER,” that was released on the 10th of January.

The B-side track broke the record set by ENHYPEN itself in that it has surpassed 170,000 listeners unique on MelOn which makes it ENHYPEN’s track with the highest number of unique listeners, surpassing their own titles tracks. Additionally, it did an impression feat with Apple Music South Korea as it reached the No. 8 on the charts making it the highest-peaking fourth generation boy group track and fourth generation boy group’s B-side.

In a new update “Polaroid Love” has hit the top of Shazam South Korea at No. 2. The track was also featured on the most popular streaming music sites within South Korea, including Bugs, Genie, and MelOn.

Additionally, ‘Polaroid Love remains on the Spotify Global Chart at No. 858, and has more than 800,000 streams cumulatively across the globe. It also reached the position of No. 15 , on Spotify South Korea, achieving the highest number of views which proves the track’s increasing popularity both locally and internationally.

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