ENHYPEN’s “Dimension: Dilemma” which is a bestseller sold more than 200K copies on Japan’s Oricon

ENHYPEN has achieved remarkable performance on Oricon!

According to the latest Oricon Weekly update, the boys band’s debut album ‘Dimension: Dilemma It is currently ranked 45 in the week ending February 3 with 1,406 copies. The album has officially passed 200,000 cumulative copies on Oricon and is the first group’s Korean album to reach that mark. The group’s repackaged album, called ‘Dimension Answer’, the top album of the week, ranked at #13 with more than 4,000 copies sold.

“Dimension: Dilemma” has just been announced as one of the very first Korean album from a fourth generation K-Pop group to sell more than 100,000 copies on Oricon.

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