Dreamcatcher’s Sua test results are positive for COVID-19. All other members are negative

Dreamcatcher‘s Sua has been tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a press release issued from Dreamcatcher Company on March 27 KST, the singer was suffering from a sore throat and was confirmed positive using the self-test kit. She was then positive on an antigen test that was quick which confirmed her COVID-19 diagnosis. It is the only sign that she has, and she is scheduled to undergo self-quarantine as per the federal guidelines for health.

The other Dreamcatcher members have also been examined for COVID-19 and been found to be positive. The album due out “Apocalypse”: Save Us” will release on the 12th of April, as it was originally scheduled. However, all plans for the upcoming week have been cancelled.

The agency has confirmed that they will inform the public know when Sua has been cleared of her the quarantine process and is able to resume normal activities.

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