“Dispatch” breaks down Big Bang’s 4 members’ comeback after 2 years, T.O.P said to fans “I am not willing to promote in Korea.”

On February 7, a representative from YG Entertainment confirmed the news with media outlets:

Big Bang plans to release a new single in spring. The group has completed the recording process and will soon begin filming the MV.

Dispatch broke the possible backlash the 2nd-generation powerhouse group might face from the public just one day after it was reported by various Korean news outlets.

First, ‘Dispatch” noted Big Bang member T.O.P’s comments during an Instagram live broadcast in 2020.

I won’t make a return to Korea. I don’t want to go back.

In response to the harsh criticism he received at the time regarding his illegal marijuana use, the Big Bang member stated that he had made the decision to leave the band.

‘Dispatch’ reported:

“Big Bang, the original leader of K-Pop, plans to’slowly’ make a comeback, despite the fact 4 of its 5 members have been involved in ‘illegal’ controversy. YG Entertainment officially confirmed the group’s return news. The public has not responded to the news. It is understandable as each member has their own records (?). These records are as big as a big bang.”

The media outlet went on to describe the past controversies of each member of Big Bang, starting with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon had been previously investigated in 2011 for illegal marijuana use. G-Dragon was not charged with any criminal offense despite the fact that G-Dragon had passed a substance test that confirmed there was marijuana.

G-Dragon answered a question about the incident a while later.

“A stranger gave me a cigarette. It contained illegal drugs, which I didn’t know.”

T.O.P, a fellow member was under investigation for using illegal marijuana in 2017. T.O.P, a fellow member, was being conscripted as a police officer in 2017. T.O.P was then removed from the conscripted police force and allowed to complete his remaining mandatory duties as a public servant. The police found the Big Bang member guilty for illegal marijuana use and sentenced him to a fine.

After receiving reports that a illegal adult entertainment company was operating in a Daesung building, Big Bang member Daesung was subject to an investigation. Daesung claimed that he didn’t know of any such business operating in his home. The business owners refuted this assertion:

“It is impossible to believe he didn’t know.”

Daesung was eventually cleared of any charges and apologized for his involvement in the scandal by saying:

“I will return the favor with good music.”

In conclusion, ‘Dispatch?’ was asked:

Except for the loyal fans, who will be looking to be repaid? G-Dragon, T.O.P and Daesung did not address their controversies head-on. Instead they blamed others and hid from the public’s attention in private hospitals rooms. Big Bang is an idol band, but their past actions mirror those of politicians. We are now concerned about what YG Entertainment thinks. They have to have a plan.”

Big Bang will release their spring single as their first music release in 4 years. This follows the March 2018 release of “Flower Road”.

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