DAY6’s Wonpil caught by COVID-19 and all his activities are delayed

DAY6‘s Wonpil was positive for COVID-19. All activities will be stopped until further notice.

JYP Entertainment announced that Wonpil had tested positive for COVID19 on February 8, at 8 KST. JYP Entertainment had reported earlier that Wonpil would delay his return to ‘Pilmopraphy” after one of Wonpil staff members was tested positive for the virus.

The agency announced that Wonpil would cease all future activities after the idol was tested positive. JYP Entertainment made the following announcement:

Wonpil was given two doses of vaccine last year, but Wonpil also received a positive test from one of his staff members. He took the PCR test on February 7th. Wonpil was also positive later that day.

The agency created:

“Wonpil does not currently have any symptoms, but is now under self-quarantine after he took the PCR test on the previous day. Wonpil will remain under self-quarantine, and will continue to take the necessary measures after the regulation by the quarantine authorities.”

JYP Entertainment ended its final statement by saying:

“We will cancel or postpone all future activities until further notice. An announcement will be made following an artist’s health condition.”

Wonpil released his first solo album, ‘Pilmography’, on February 7th. He also released the music video for “Voiceless” on February 7.

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