DAY6 Deleted JAE Out of Group Pictures

Mydays have hard feelings.

Jae (also referred to as eaJ) was subsequently removed from the team pictures of DAY6.

Jae is not incorporated in the team picture on DAY6‘s official Spotify page. It rather is simply Wonpil, Young K, Dowoon and Sungjin.

Not merely that but a photo with no Jae is actually not that fantastic. A copy of DAY6’s The book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up in Love needed to be Photoshopped by a editor.

Spotify provides the primary picture as the coverage of its playlist “This Is actually DAY6,” however.

Here is not the sole time that Jae was cut from the team pic. He has been cropped to be on the band’s Wikipedia page from a team picture from 2018. In addition, he’s referred to as a previous member.

Jae stated on January one, 2022, at twelve KST that he will be taking a rest from the band. This additionally clearly signified that after weeks of rumors by MyDays fans (fans of DAY6), he’d actually depart JYP Entertainment.

“Hello, My day.

I would like to thank everybody who is with DAY6 as well as me. I’ve had an extremely happy time during the last 6 years and created experiences which will stick with me for life. I have had a lot of ideas and I’ve put in plenty of work, but I still am lacking in a lot of ways, so I can not stay exactly where I’m today.

I am sorry to inform you we’ve chose to suspend every one of our activities for the moment, after having talked about this particular with JYP. I will appreciate the memories from sweat and trips collectively on the crying and joy that we experienced during the last 6 years and can go back a lot more enhanced. This was Jae from DAY6.

Thank you!”



JYP Entertainment unveiled a conflicting declaration the following day, at twelve KST on Jan 1, 2022. Based on the article, Jae’s agreement with the company was legally ended on thirty one December 2021 and he’s not a an affiliate of DAY6.


“Hello there, this’s JYP Entertainment.

To start with, we wish to thank all our supporters along with associates that have endorsed DAY6 in every manner.

The agreement of Jae with the organization expired on December thirty one, 2021. He won’t be a part of the DAY6 crew for personal motives, we make you aware we came to this determination after comprehensive conversation and we admire Jae’s decision to end the agreement.

Our relation with Jae could end, however we will help him in his latest journey and wish him success.

Additionally, JYP Entertainment is going to continue doing its best in dealing with upcoming responsibilities of DAY6. My Days, we thank you for your support and love.

JYP Entertainment


We’ve obtained mixed messages since that time. Jae assured admirers that OT5 is going to probably comeback eventually.

The boys are going to require a while to recuperate from their military duties and also be all set going full circle, best? As I pointed out previously, we are going to most likely sit down once again and have another conversation, after everybody has gone back. I think we’re doing Ok. I have to believe in you. Or maybe believe in the men in case you do not trust me. That is all you need to do. You will hence find an entire assortment of group pursuits. I say no in my mind at this time. I will be extremely surprised if we didn’t get involved as Day6 once again, I don’t know the title or even just how that circumstance is going to go, however the 5 of us will likely be on a point once again.

Twitter – lunekyh / Jae.

Things worsened after Jae made an awkward statement regarding JAMIE while on a Twitch live stream. He’s now personally apologized to each MyDays as well as JAMIE. “They talked it out,” JAMIE stated.

Numerous fans were not able to pardon him however. They thought it was “deserved” when they discovered he was not contained in the team picture for DAY6 on Spotify.

They’re also pleased with the picture editing carried out for Spotify. This crop wasn’t easy, since the editor needed to cautiously eliminate Jae from between a couple of other members.

A few of the fans are not very fond of it. It’s terrible to see Jae eliminated from the pictures of events that all of us identify him being a part of.

While Jae has been taken out from various other websites, he’s nevertheless present on social media websites for DAY6. His family pictures on Instagram haven’t been saved yet.

DAY6’s registered social media accounts in addition continue following Jae’s.

Consequently, it looks like MyDays is going to still get mixed Messages about Jae’s status in DAY6 for the time being.

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