COVID-19 PCR tests resulted as positive for Tablo from Epik High

On February 9th Epik High‘s management agency OURS confirmed that student Tablo was positive for COVID-19.

The agency announced that on the same day:

Epik High member Tablo has been positive for COVID-19 at the 9th of February. Tablo was fully vaccinated after his third booster shot dose at the time of testing.

Ours added to:

“Tablo was tested for COVID-19 on February 3, after he experienced minor discomfort at the time, and in February, the results were positive. On February 8 Tablo decided to take another PCR test to ensure extra safety and on February 9 Tablo was found to be positive. At present, Tablo has only minor symptomsand is waiting for further advice from health authorities.”

As of now, all Epik High members as well as the members of the group’s associated staff have been tested positive for COVID-19. This means that Epik High will be cancelling their planned activities until Tablo is cleared of the virus. The record, however, Epik High’s ‘Epik High Is Here Xia is scheduled to be released according to schedule on February 14th, 2019.

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