Chinese netizens terrorize BTS’s official Instagram after RM’s support of the Korean short track team

The Beijing Winter Olympics began on February 4, and will continue until February 20. Many Korean citizens are watching the games, including RM, the leader of BTS, and supporting the athletes.

BTS‘s Instagram account was filled with malign comments, as he posted an Instagram video of the track race to support South Korea.


The short ice track 1000m race to qualify for the semifinals was held on February 7. Hwang Dae Heon finished in first place in men’s semi-final group 1, 1000m race. Hwang Dae Heon held his lead throughout the race despite aggressive Chinese skaters. However, Hwang Dae Heon was denied entry to the finals as the referee gave him an controversial penalty. He was penalized for making an illegal late pass which caused contact.

RM, BTS’s RM, showed support for the Korean short-track skater by posting an Instagram story video of the skater crossing the finish line at number 1. The short video was posted by RM with the thumbs up emoticon and the clapping emoticon cheering on the South Korean skater.

Some Chinese netizens must have been offended by this as they posted malicious comments on BTS’s official Instagram, including emoticons like the middle finger emoticon or the throw up emoticon.

These Chinese netizens went to BTS’s official Instagram account in order to post hateful comments, as their individual accounts do not allow for comments.

Many Korean netizens expressed their confusion about the whole incident and took to BTS’s social media platforms to vent their anger at the group. Many Korean netizens pointed to the unfairness in South Korea’s disqualification of the South Korean team.

These Korean netizens formed an online community to critique the fact that the Chinese short track skaters were allowed into the semi-finals, despite their foul play throughout. The online communities featured videos that showed instances of Chinese athletes being aggressive towards others and cheating during the race. There were no sanctions.

Korean netizens comment:

“How could this be the Olympics?!”

“It was so unfair that the Korean athlete was disqualified, but the Chinese athletes reached the finals.”

“This should not be called the Olympics. It is biased.”

“It was really disappointing that the Korean team was disqualified.”

“Wow! Is it real?”


They also commented on the terrorization of BTS’s Instagram:

“I don’t understand why they take it out on RM and BTS.”

“RM is King because he continues to show support, no matter how many malicious comments he receives.”

“BTS’s Instagram account is now filled with purple hearts, as ARMY has added comments to stop malicious comments.

“BTS is a global organization so I am glad that they don’t have any concern about China’s market.”

“He’s King-tan, lol.”

“He showed support and I love it.”

“It is very strange that they would be angry at BTS.”

“It would be fun to add purple hearts, too.”

“I don’t even like BTS, but I still love purple hearts.”

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