BTS’s V was spotted sporting BLACKPINK Jennie’s Chanel earrings

BTS‘s V was spotted wearing Chanel earrings designed by Jennie.

V and Jennie were the latest dating rumors. All eyes were on V when he made his first public appearance after the scandal. V arrived at Incheon International Airport on May 29 to depart for the USA to join President Biden at White House.

V was seen at the airport wearing slip-on ear cuffs that Jennie, the official Chanel model, had worn. V was not known to have worn ear cuffs before and that he doesn’t usually wear earrings when he leaves the airport.

Top-voted comments on an online community forum read:

“He must have known that everyone would be watching him as this is his first public appearance after the dating scandal. It’s funny that he wore the ear cuff from Jennie’s line of products. Isn’t that just a way to say thank you? V also stated that he has never worn ear cuffs before now.”

“He doesn’t wear earrings to airport departures so this isn’t forcing him to. To wear Chanel is to be directly linked to the scandal. It’s not something he can admit to nor deny, but it’s something I dislike because it feels like they don’t/he don’t want to lose.”

“This battle between the tensions is legendary.”

Several other commenters also shared their thoughts:

“I don’t like Chanel, but this interpretation is a bit forced?” V is not allowed to wear Chanel products.

“This is so frightening…the way people talk about V and Jennie …”

“It’s a little forced, since this item isn’t even a couple”

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