BTS’s Jin as well as CCO of HYBE respond to concerns about military exemption

As BTS start their 4-day show “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” that will take place in the Allegiant Stadium on April 8 9 and 16. BTS members hosted an event for press that was attended by important representatives from HYBE along with local media the 9th of April.

In this press event, BTS’s youngest members Jin Was asked questions about a military exemption. In November was when BTS’s National Assembly deliberated on a revision to the Military Service Act that would allow great artists and artists and contributors of popular culture and the arts such as BTS to substitute military service with arts and sportsmen. The revision is being delayed due to the heated debates that surround the issue. Particularly in the event that Jin is ruled out of the exemption for military service, being the oldest of the members of the military, he will be the first one to join in the military.

In response, Jin said:

“I’ve talked extensively with my employer about military service. I discussed the ways in which I would trust the company in the best way possible. I believe that whatever the company’s statement is as true as what I opinion.”

In the same press event featuring representatives from HYBE the CCO Lee Jin Hyeong has also shared their opinion on exemption issue.

“Our artists leave it to the business regarding military service issues. They have repeatedly stated that they would abide by the demands of the state in the past and today. We are still discussing in the corporate. After the revision of Military Service Act, the choice will fall on the company.”

Then it was added:

“The company is monitoring the situation carefully. We’re trying our best to arrive at the most effective solution. I am hoping that we will arrive at a decision as quickly as we can because it’s the truth that this uncertain situation is creating some problems.”

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