BTS’s Jimin continues his record-setting streak through “Filter” on the major streaming platforms

BTS Jimin‘s hit song Filter continues to enjoy a thriving run across Spotify and YouTube

The track been shining since the 20th February, 2020 after his release of the own Filter in the Map Of The Soul 7 Album. The 2nd of February just a few days shy of its second anniversary Filter was receiving an average of over 350K daily streams has finally surpassed 250 million listeners on Spotify. The track was able to achieve this feat in just 714 days, making its record one of the record-breaking Korean Male solo, unpromoted Korean solo and B-Side track to achieve this record on Spotify.

The 3rd of February the official version of the song also crossed the number of streams to 86 million on YouTube. The song is the holder of the title as the most streamed Korean solo music on YouTube.

Along with Friends recorded by Jimin, Filter was nominated for the Song Of The Year on the 10th GAON Chart Music Awards. It had the largest Spotify debut of the Korean solo track , with more than 2.2 Million streams. It was released in the top spot on Spotify Global at #4 and on the BILLBOARD the World Sales of Digital Songs at #3. The first Korean track which charted on the Netherlands, Switzerland and the only BTS solo charting in Germany. The song on Amazon, Filter, was the best-selling item of 2021 and 2020, and was the most streamed Korean Male solo of 2020 and 2021. It continues to be a hit across multiple platforms around the world.

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