BTS’ Jungkook ‘Stay Alive’ (Prod. by SUGA) The song tops the iTunes charts in over 70 countries in only 6 hours

BTS member Jungkook as well as SUGA have been able to successfully enter numerous iTunes charts around the globe!

On February 11 , KST the long-awaited score of their webtoon ‘7Fates’ CHAKHO‘ was finally released. The group’s vocalist Jungkook and recorded with their singer SUGA, “Stay Alive” immediately hit the top of iTunes charts in a variety of countries and proved their dominance in the world of music.

In just a little over 6 hours since the release date of 2pm KST, the track has climbed to the No. 1 in 74 countries which include Japan, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, and more as of the moment of writing. Additionally, the album has risen to the top spot at No. one on U.S. iTunes, overtaking recent releases from popular pop stars like Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj. “Stay Alive” also joins “Sweet Night” by V as the only and first Korean OSTs to reach the top of UK iTunes.

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