BTS Jungkook has completely recovered from COVID-19 and will be a part of the 64th Grammy Awards

On April 3rd, BTS‘s agency Big Hit Music released an official statement that announced BTS member Jungkook was released from confinement and will perform on the stage at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Jungkook is out of the quarantine as of 2 April hour local in the United States as he diagnosed as fully recovered from COVID-19.

Jungkook was previously positive for the disease on March 27 , and was self-quarantining and receiving treatment since the time he was diagnosed. According to the report Jungkook also experienced minor symptoms, such as sore throat. However, Jungkook has stated that he is completely recovered. Jungkook has also passed the antigen test at a rapid pace at the United States in accordance to guidelines to get into the Grammy Awards, and will attend the ceremony after approval from the organizers.

The complete statement reads:


The music is Big Hit Music.

We’d wish to let you know that Jungkook is one of the members of BTS has been cleared of COVID-19. He was free of quarantine as of the 2nd of April (Saturday) at 6:00 pm at the United States.

Jungkook was self-quarantined and being treated since the 27th of March (Sunday) hour within the United States, and he is allowed to carry on his every day activities as per guidelines for quarantine for the United States. He experienced minor sore throat symptoms while in the quarantine period, but is now fully recovered.

Following the lifting of the quarantine, Jungkook underwent a COVID-19 rapid antigen test in the United States to join the Grammy Awards schedule, and his recovery was confirmed. Therefore, Jungkook will be attending this year’s Grammy Awards with the approval of the Grammy Awards’ organizers.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to people who support the health of the performer.

It is our intention to think about the safety and health of artists and ensure that they adhere to the guidelines on quarantine.

Thank you for your support.”

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