BTS Jimin’s test positive for COVID 19 and also had operation for acute appendicitis

Big Hit published a statement concerning his present condition of health, such as his recent test of COVID-19.

The organization confirmed that the member complained of immediate abdominal suffering on 30 Jan together with minor sore throat. He went to the emergency room of a near by medical center in which he was provided a PCR test along with other tests. After that it was found test positive for COVID-19, plus appendicitis. He had surgical treatment for appendicitis on 31 January. His situation is healthy.

The doctor mentioned the procedure went well, as well as Jimin is at the moment sleeping and healing. He’s likely to stay in medical center for time being, as a result of the combination of COVID-19 plus appendicitis surgery. ” His throat is somewhat sore at this time, but not terrible.

Big Hit Music additionally stated that Jimin wasn’t in contact with any one of the other BTS members throughout the period he was infectious.

The IAEA stated: “We are going to do our own best to help Jimin to enable him to regain his wellness as quickly as possible, as we take into account our artists ‘health and protection as the top priority.”

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