BTS Jimin sincerely says sorry for the health insurance situation that occurred in April

BTS‘s Jimin , apologized personally for the April health insurance controversy.

After visiting the White House, BTS went back to South Korea to meet President Joe Biden. They discussed hate crimes against Asians, as well as Asian inclusion, in celebration of the AANHPI Heritage Month.

Jimin returned to Weverse, the fan platform, to express his regret for the health insurance scandal in which his apartment had been taken by South Korea’s National Health Insurance Service, (NHIS), after he failed to pay his premiums.

Jimin wrote that he was sorry for creating concern due to his inexperienced actions, referring to the controversy over health insurance.

Jimin’s Hannam One Hill apartment was seized in January by National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) because he owed 28,000,000 KRW (22.544 USD) in premiums for his health insurance. According to reports, the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), had sent a four-time seizure registration noticeThe property seizure was canceled once the insurance premium was repaid.

Big Hit Music replied:

“Jimin wasn’t aware of the delinquency because of his overseas schedules, extended holiday since the end last year, then later abroad schedule. However, as soon as he realized the situation, he paid all charges and the case has been closed.” We apologize for the concern caused to the artist by the negligence of the company.

Below is Jimin’s complete writing, posted on Weverse:

“Hello ARMY,

Is everyone doing well?

I was able go to the U.S. Everyone is aware of the events that we took part in, I think.

It was an honor to be able to speak out for all the ARMYs from different countries, races, and cultures.

But, I was afraid I might be too inexperienced to stand there for you all.

I am sorry for creating concern due to my inexperienced behavior. I apologize for causing concern.

You must have been concerned that I hadn’t visited often. I will be back more often.

I always miss you ARMY.”

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