BTS Jimin regularly updates his followers with a message of assurance that he’s recuperating well

Jimin from BTS has updated his fans via Weverse and assured them to not worry since he’s doing fine.

On the 31st of January Big Hit Music made a statement about Jimin’s health issues and announced that Jimin’s health was in decline. BTS member was tested positive for COVID19. He also was suffering from acute appendicitis. According to the report, Jimin felt a sudden abdominal pain and a mild sore throat that morning on the 30th of January. Following a visit to the urgent room which he was treated with an PCR test, Jimin was positive for the COVID19 virus. He was also confirmed to have acute appendicitis.

Jimin had surgery on the morning of January 31st and the label said Jimin is doing well and is recovering from his the successful appendicitis treatment.

Despite the news that the agency had made, fans couldn’t ignore the fact that they were concerned about the idol. On February 2nd, Jimin himself updated his fans via Weverse.

Jimin wrote “Everyone, you must have worried a lot right? I am recovering well!” He added in a separate blog post “I’m sorry to have worried you. But, I think I can be discharged soon! I am recovering well too and I am eating all three meals a day. Please wait for just a little, I will return quickly after recovery!”

Following the announcement directly from Jimin the fans were happy and left messages that expressed their love of the star. They wrote, “Jimin recover quickly and return to us safely,” “I’m so relieved he is alright,” “Please get well soon,” “Jimin don’t be sick,” “Aww he said sorry, he’s so cute,” “He was so happy he didn’t even know he had a typo,” “Jimin, just get better fast,” “I hope Jimin isn’t hurting anymore,” “He’s so nice, he wrote on Weverse because he was worried his fans would be worried,” “He doesn’t need to be sorry, just hope he gets better,” and “Aww, just get healthy again.”


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