BTS’ Jimin continues to instill kindness through his music and his character with fan donations to the older and welfare of animals

Jimin is well-known and is regarded as ‘the healing idol’, not only because of his comforting and warm words but also because of his music and soothing melodious voice. Italian media have previously covered the influence he has on young people in the field of mental health. Korean media has revealed that Jimin was even praised by a chief Buddhist Priest because of the truthfulness of his speech and his ability to be a likable to a lot of people. In addition the voice he uses, and not only when he speaks but as well when he sings, provides peace and peace to the listeners. For instance, his first self-written track”Promise” garnered a lot of attention due to its soothing lyrics and Jimin’s comfortable voice. Radio stations praising how soothing and soothing his voice can be particularly when listening to this particular song which can be calming following a long day of work.

“Lie” is another one single by Jimin that has been reported to bring healing and comfort for its listeners. Its Kingsley Family from Canada received attention last year , when they stated that the song had helped them father’s health improve, something they had no faith in. This is the reason why they continue to do positive acts to pay tribute to Jimin for the positive impact the music played on their dad through music.

On February 2, it was revealed that Jimin’s fanbase, JIMIN DATA, assisted the Kingsley family with an offer of 12 healthy family meals for the entire week to an organization to commemorate their late father’s birthday. The family dinners are anticipated to feed 120 children. The donation was given in Jimin’s honor.

The donation was made in conjunction with an emotional message that emphasized the way that Jimin’s music has touched families and individuals, and particularly has touched the soul of their father. The family also sends wishes to Jimin the best of health after his hospitalization on January 31.

The same family was included on an JTBC variety program in the segment titled “Christmas Miracle’ that described the story of how Jimin’s song “Lie” could be the one thing to ensure that the dad of the household was awake and alert during his battle with numerous ailments.

The same report also highlighted the contribution that the family has donated to help the weak elderly in Busan Jimin’s hometown in a gesture of appreciation to Jimin.

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