BTS’ Jimin continues to fresh records in the iTunes charts across the world

Jimin has released new personal accomplishments on iTunes in the form of all four songs he has written for himself in his BTS discography (Filter, Lie, Serendipity Full Length Edition, and Intro Serendipity) and his own composed, written, and produced track “Friends” each achieve an all-time high of number one at the top of the Niger iTunes chart, and achieving an all-kill status.’ In the wake of this achievement, Jimin has now added another country that is ‘all-kill’ to his list and is now the 38th country he has conquered.

“Friends” hit top spot on The Niger iTunes chart on February 7, Intro: Serendipity on February 6, Serendipity (Full Length Edition) on February 5th and the 4th of February saw Lie debut on the chart. Filter was the highest-charting track on the charts of the country earlier, way back in the year the year 2020 on September 10 and, at present, it is the most chart-topping B-side song to date on iTunes with #115 numbers 1 all over the world.

Additionally that, when Intro: Serendipity hit top spot on Niger chart, and thus reached its 50th number one position on iTunes which signified that all four Jimin’s solo songs as well as his self-produced sub-unit track ‘Friends’ each have a #1 position in iTunes across at the very least fifty countries.

Jimin has always set new heights with his music daily due to his amazing talent that stems from his smooth, appealing singing and his incredibly emotional and relatable lyrics to his songs. It is anticipated that he will continue to release more achievements in the coming days.

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