Brave Girls’ Yuna posts a message about her recovery from COVID-19

Brave Girls member Yuna gave her fans an update on her recovery from COVID-19 her quarantine.

On the 3rd of February Yuna shared an Instagram story in which she shared with her followers her recovery and some of the signs she was suffering from COVID-19. In the caption, she wrote:

I had a bowl of Chapagetti on the fourth day of my stay, and I couldn‘t even taste any flavor. Since then, I’ve not been able to smell curry, nor raw garlic. But, it’s the eighth day of the week. ^,^..

In the picture that was shared, Yuna seemed to be dressed in a comfy outfit, with her hair tucked high. It appeared that she was getting better and rested.

On January 28 the 28th, reports indicated that Yuna had a positive test for COVID-19. Brave Entertainment made an announcement on their official website, the Brave Girls’ official fansite.

At present, Yuna is still under quarantine, in line with the regulations of the authorities in charge of quarantine.

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