Block B’s P.O to sign up for the Marine Corps in March

Block B‘s P.O will be enlisted as a member of the Marine Corps in March.

According to reports of the 10th of February, P.O was accepted into the Marine Corps, and he’ll be officially enlisting in his mandatory military service on the 28. The label he was signed to by Artist Company stated:

“P.O recently made an application to P.O. recently applied to Marine Corps, and they approved the application. He’ll join the Marine Corps next month, March 28and perform his military duties.”

The label continuedto read:

“P.O P.O. volunteered for P.O. volunteered for Marine Corps on his own at his own discretion. We won’t reveal the location of his enlistment and when because of COVID-19.”

Artist Company added his current “Play Back” play, which is scheduled to conclude prior to his enrollment.


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