BLACKPINK, aespa and Red Velvet the top brands in terms of valued girl groups during February

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation has released the brand value rankings of girl group, for February!

In the Korean Institute for Corporate Reputation’s massive research report for the month of February BLACKPINK is ranked first in brand value of the group followed by aespa placing second, as well as Red Velvet ranking third.

BLACKPINK remains first with the brand’s value index at 4,913,943, which is a 12.56 percent reduction from their index in January.

The second charting is aespa, which has an index that is 2,971,114, a 15.04 percentage reduction from their index in January.

Third place third place is Red Velvet with 1,082,481, an average 3.81 percentage decline from their index from January.

Big data analysis revealed words that were the most commonly connected to BLACKPINK included “To model for, Breakthrough, Makes record.”

However, the analysis of the keywords of the group show “YouTube, Instagram, Jennie” as the most frequently searched for term.

In the most popular girl group are: TWICE, Apink, Girls Generation Oh My Girl, Kep1er, Lovelyz, and IVE.

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