Big Bang’s uptade of its comeback dominates Naver, Yahoo Japan and Weibo

When YG Entertainment announced Big Bang‘s return this spring, the news centered across Korea, Japan, and China’s largest news media outlets.

The moment the news broke, Bigbang took 2nd, 4th and 11th places overall and won 1st position in the entertainment ratings for TV via Korean the media site Naver.

They also earned 3rd place in Japan’s largest news source Yahoo News, where it’s very uncommon when foreign performers get a spot.

Apart from that, the article was entitled:

Bigbang is releasing brand new songs..

The article was published on China’s largest news-based social network, Weibo which was ranked as the #2 overall. The news article published on behalf of Sina Entertainment was viewed over 24 million times and was greeted with over 186,000 likes in just 15 hours.

Not just media, but also the Bigbang was ranked 1st on the Melon search ranking. It was also trending worldwide on Twitter.


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