Big Bang brings delight to fans as they announce their long-awaited return

Big Bang has brought exciting news for fans who’ve been waiting for their favorite group for quite a while. On February 7, YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang will be releasing new songs this spring. an all-female group of.

The label stated:

“Big Bang will be releasing new music in spring. They’ve completed the recording and are excited to shoot music videos.”

Big Bang released its single “Flower Road” at the beginning of March in 2018, when they were an ensemble for the last time, with the band members focused on their solo projects. Since the release the fans have been hoping for their favourite group to return and that wish has come true.

Big Bang has been the most popular K-pop boy group of the second generation when they released a variety of popular songs like “Lies,” “Last Farewell,” and “Haru Haru.” In addition, all members demonstrated their talents as artists and musicians when they all took part in the creation of the Big Bang’s music.

In the wake of news of the return of Big Bang the fans and people on social media have taken to different online platforms on the internet to express their joy and share how happy and happy they are. The netizens posted:

“I’m crying”

“I’m screaming”

“I’m so excited”

“They’re getting back on track. I’m beyond thrilled.”

“Wow! I’m unable to talk because I’m so excited.”


“This is thrilling.”

“I’m crying as they finally making their way back together as a whole”

“I will always stand behind Big Bang”

“My heart is happy.”

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