Beomgyu uploads photos of his best friend Toto following a lengthy period of time

TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s Choi beomgyu owns a pet bird named Toto He considers Toto as part of his family.

Beomgyu hasn’t been posting anything in several months, and fans have been waiting for him to post. 2 February 2022 Beomgyu finally shared three pictures of him and Toto.

The caption reads: “He wrote that he wanted his MOAs fans to be aware that Toto is alive and enjoying an enjoyable day. It appears that he was aware MOAs were missing Toto greatly. Beomgyu also hopes that MOAs have a great day, too.

Following that, “TOTO” trended at #7 worldwide on Twitter.

On August 24 on 2019, Beomgyu shared the video of Toto giving her an earful and it was an amazing moment.

They’re adorable! The fans are eagerly awaiting more pictures or videos Beomgyu And Toto.

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