ATEEZ’s song “Don’t Stop” is ranked at the 6th spot on Billboard’s ‘World Digital Songs’ Sales’

The group has made it into the top 10 in the Billboard ‘World Digital Songs Sales’.

This Monday’s Billboard chart update, boy band’s first digital single released by UNIVERSE Music, ‘Don’t Stop and Go’ was a hit within the top 10 of the ‘World Digital Song Sales’ of Billboard chart,’ ranked at the No. 6. It also marks the group’s ninth top 10 single on the chart.

With this, ‘Don’t Stop‘ becomes the group’s second-highest-charting song tied with ‘Wonderland’ ‘Answer’ ‘Fireworks’ and ‘The Real.’ The single is currently in the second spot in the top three of the K-Pop singles that were released in the year, with the highest rating on the charts, just behind GOT the Beat’s “Step Back.”




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