ATEEZ who have proven their global quality, successfully concludes their tour of arena in the US

ATEEZ have successfully concluded the U.S. tour.

The company owned by ATEEZ KQ Entertainment stated;

“The 2022 world tour of ATEEZ “The Fellowship: BEGINNING THE END” that began in Seoul this month, was held at Los Angeles on January 31. This arena concert tour across the US was concluded with a performance in the Forum.”

For this US tour, which began on the 18th of January, ATEEZ moved starting from Chicago (Wintrust Arena) to Atlanta (Gas South Arena), Newark (Prudential Center), Dallas (The Texas Trust CU Theater at Grand Prairie), and lastly Los Angeles (The Forum).

This was the very first time that fans met with fans in two years. The temperature was just as intense as the waiting. ATEEZ has sold all seats in a matter of minutes following the ticket launch in every city. So, they added another performance at Los Angeles. With the unwavering enthusiasm of the fans, ATEEZ gathered over 70,000 supporters (through five concerts throughout America). US).

Not just ATEEZ’s stage outfits but also the fans wearing Spider-man costumes, and even fans who attended the event to celebrate her birthday, which was on the 89th day of her life, drew significant amount of attention. Whatever age and gender, many people backed the ATEEZ.

Not just the media, also the celebrities were interested in the tour. Television show host Jimmy Fallon started following ATEEZ following the tour. The popular entertainment media site Rolling Stone covered ATEEZ’s tour shows. Celebrities like Diplo and MAX attended the show and shared their posts via their own social media profiles.

ATEEZ in their first year as a group, sold more than 100,000 tickets to its US and Europe shows in 2020. The tour, however, was delayed due to the emergence of the disease. At the time of writing they had finished their US tour without incident, but regrettably, the European tour was cancelled because of the increased number of cases of Covid-19.

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