ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha reveal a teaser photo prior to the single’s release ‘Ghost Town’

Moonbin as well as Sanha from ASTRO will release the single “Ghost Town” as a pre-release before the album’s release.

In the past, Moonbin and Sanha teased the new song with the teaser for a music video just two days prior to. The teaser teaser was shared on Fantagio’s official social networks accounts, showcasing the sensual visual effect that caught the eye of many of their fans.

The song is based on Hip-Hop as a genre ‘Ghost town is a song that has an enchanting and unique charm that combines the soft vocals of the two vocalists. Moonbin and Sanha’s soft vocals complement each other and are likely to captivate people from all over the world.

Particularly, this latest track is a pre-release of Moonbin and Sanha in the lead-up to their official return in March.

Moonbin and Sanha They have shown their impressive vocals, performance, visuals and stage presence through ASTRO activities and performances, are the first two teams in the ASTRO team to officially debut in September 2020 , with the first mini-album called ‘IN-OUT.’ Moonbin and Sanha who have returned to the business for the first time after many years and are expected to exhibit greater synergy between the units when they release ‘Ghost Town due out on February 11, KST.

In the meantime, Moonbin and Sanha’s Ghost Town will be available on different music websites at 6 pm KST on the day of release, which will be within the next few hours.

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